In 1905, it became Bracknell Social Club firstly rented from Lawrence and Sons and then the land was eventually bought from them in 1929.

The Bracknell Bowling Club was formed in 1904 on land belonging to Mr Raven, proprietor of the Royal Foresters Hotel at the top of Bracknell High Street. However in 1909 there were disagreements between the Club and Mr Raven.

The land was purchased from Lawrence & Sons adjacent to the Bracknell Social Club with the Bowling Club using the bar and toilet facilities of the Social Club.

The two Clubs co-existed side by side in Rochdale Road from 1910 until the 1960s when the construction of Bracknell New Town occasioned a compulsory purpose order on both Clubs. The Bracknell Development Corporation promised a town centre site at a peppercorn rent (£39 per anum) if the two Clubs amalgamated.

This was eventually agreed and on 1st January 1970 the Bracknell Bowling and Social Club was formed. After some time in temporary premises the Club opened at the new site in 1972.

The freehold was eventually bought in 1993 with the provision that if the site was sold for development in 21 years half the profits must be paid to the New Towns Commission heirs and successors.